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How do you hire an Facebooks Ads Manager or Ads Agency who can bring you those awesome results you hear others raving about? 💰💰💰 Because it’s intimidating hiring someone in an area you know little about. I get those same jitters anytime I stand in front of a mechanic. On the surface I’m doing lots […]

How to hire a Facebook Ads Manager


I have three obsessions in life: 🥔 Potatoes💪 Pedro Pascal😵‍💫 “Brain vacation” reality TV – with Love is Blind ranking top For the uninitiated, Love is Blind is a reality TV show where people date for two weeks behind walls and then choose to marry sight unseen. They then have a few weeks back in the real world to decide […]

What Love Is Blind teaches you about success in business


“Your ad account has been shut down” It’s the last thing any Ad Manager or Business owner wants to hear. Unfortunately – with Meta Ads – it happens all too often – due to the fact that it’s bots that make most of the decisions.  However, there are things you can do to significantly alleviate […]

What to do when your Facebook Ad Account gets shut down


Have you ever felt outpaced by the ever-changing social media landscape? Well, you’re not alone. Today, we dive into how to measure real success on social media, beyond just chasing trends. We’ll break down three crucial strategies to not just navigate but thrive on social media: Whether Instagram is your playground or your battleground, this […]

How to Measure Your Success with Instagram


In this week’s episode, I’m here to shed light on the power of numbers in scaling your business. We’ll dive into how understanding your financials is key to forecasting, investing confidently, and ensuring long-term success, all without sacrificing what matters most to you. Whether you’re just starting out or aiming for seven figures, join me […]

The Data You Need to Watch to Scale Your Coaching Business


In this week’s episode, we’ll explore the relevance of webinars and masterclasses and if they are dead in today’s marketing landscape. We’ll discuss the importance of finding what resonates with you and your business, debunk common myths, and dive into making masterclasses a powerful part of your strategy. Whether you’re considering evergreen marketing or refining […]

Are Webinars Dead?


webinars are dead

In this week’s episode, we’re joined by Tamu Thomas, a transformational life coach and and former social worker, specialising in helping women achieve work-life harmony by aligning with their nervous system for holistic well-being. Tamu discusses her upcoming book, “Women Who Work Too Much: Break Free from Toxic Productivity and Find Your Joy,” offering insights […]

Women Who Work Too Much with Tamu Thomas


Join me in this week’s episode, as we dive into why and how to make promises to your clients. We’re looking at what works in marketing, how we’ve changed our approach to masterclasses, and why we’ve started offering guarantees to build trust. Learn how to draw in the right clients and stand by your offers […]

What Promise Can You Make Your Clients?


Today, we’re getting into why being super specific about what you offer (think every tiny detail of your methods or every single feature) might not be the golden ticket to more sales. Ever heard “specificity sells”? Well, it’s true, but there’s a twist. I’ve seen so many people get tangled up in the jargon of […]

Why Specificity doesn’t always sell


In today’s episode, we delve into a topic close to my heart: creating effective group coaching programs. This is particularly important whether you’re already known for your expertise, or you’re exploring a new avenue in your business! Tune into the episode: AppleSpotify How to subscribe + review:Be the first to know when new episodes are […]

How to choose what your Group Coaching Program should be


You’ve already mastered your craft, now it’s time to leverage it. In a world of bro marketing, girl bossing, and manifesting quantum leaps out your vagina, I’m here to help you achieve grounded growth with some no-BS strategic shifts to your business model. No 5am wake ups or ice baths necessary. 

Cushy isn’t about flaunting flashy lifestyles on the gram. It’s about being able to live your real life with your tongue in your cheek and cash in your bank.

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