“Is it too soon to go evergreen?” If you listen to this, chances are you’ve come across varied opinions about the right way to get your business to the next level.  The truth is being evergreen can be pretty straightforward, but it is important to understand that it can also look entirely different from business […]

Is It Too Soon to Go Evergreen?


My guest this week is the amazing Debbie Edwards… Debbie is an entrepreneur, speaker, investor and high performance and leadership coach working globally with entrepreneurs, CEOs and senior executives. With over 30 years experience working in challenging sectors, including the military, Debbie has years of experience in growth, strategy and cultural change working with teams […]

Radical Self Love As The Fuel For High Performance – with Debbie Edwards


Welcome to this week’s episode! In this episode I will be talking to you about the number one mistake holding you back from making more sales. Want to know more? Listen up! You can listen to the episode below: You can check out The One Academy HERE. Tune into the episode: AppleSpotify How to subscribe […]

The #1 Mistake Holding You Back From Making More Sales


Are you ready to increase sales in the last quarter of the year? Well, then listen up. This episode is super snackable. I’m bringing you three solid and simple ways to help you have a stronger quarter. Join me.  You can listen to the episode below: You can check out The One Academy HERE. Tune […]

3 Easy Ways to Increase Sales in the Last Quarter of the Year


A profitable group coaching programme is the foundation to an infinitely scalable coaching business. So of course, I have dedicated TWO episodes to going in depth on what’s required to create one. (Possibly one of my most useful podcast episodes to date, if I do say so myself.) Not only that, but you’re also getting […]

7 Steps to Create a Group Coaching Programme Part 2


Welcome to this episode on how to create a group coaching programme that is PROFITABLE.  This is part one – because I had too much to say to fit it all into one episode. Whether you already have a group programme – or are considering creating one, this episode will be jam packed full of […]

How to Create a Group Coaching Programme Part 1


“What is the highest ROI you have had from a coaching business investment?” I’m a numbers girl! I love my profit calculator because it helps me understand what is delivering the most return on investment in my coaching business.  However, there are areas in business that can be hard to measure, and it can sometimes […]

The Unexpected Highest ROI Coaching Business Investment


This week, I want to be transparent about something that is very personal and frankly quite raw for me. I’ve been a single mother for a while and the primary breadwinner for my family. The challenges I’ve faced, whether financial or medical, have greatly motivated me in business because the fear of losing everything was […]

On Being A Female Breadwinner


Low sales? Step back. Ask yourself: Is it an offer problem, or is it an eyeballs problem? Today, I’m going to help you to answer this all-important question.  Plus, you know me, I love a good analogy.  And I’ve got a corker for you today. So, listen up.  Join me today as we discuss whether […]

Low Sales: Is It an Offer Problem or a Lack of Traffic Problem?


Why did I create a private podcast? Well, I’ll tell you all about it in this episode. This project has been a real labour of love. Join me today as I discuss the advantages of developing a private podcast. You can listen to the episode below: You can find my private podcast HERE. Tune into […]

What is a Private Podcast and Do I Need One?


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