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I allocate 3 VIP days/ 90-min consults each month (except for August and December) and release them to my mailing list (exclusively) at the beginning of each month.
I don't book further ahead than that to allow everyone a fair chance at booking them in.
I keep a small roster of 1:1 clients (on 6 month packages) and as the majority of my 1:1s renew, these don't come up as often. Join my 1:1 waitlist to receive first dibs when they do become available.

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Don't worry! We totally get it AND we're here to help.
If our on-demand masterclasses and cushy guide haven't made it an easy decision, you can simply DM Polly on Instagram or book a call with this link and either Polly or a member of her team will support you on your options.

I'm not sure which of your offers is the right fit for me?

I currently host quarterly masterminds with sales expert Sara Dalrymple, you can find out more about those here.

Do you host in-person events or retreats?

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