First things first. I didn't always have a cushy business. In fact, I became self-employed as a single mum of two kids under the age of 3.
We were living on benefits, and life was anything but "cushy".

I used to look at other business owners indulging in getaways, manicures and massages while celebrating big financial wins and think "that's alright for you" but not for lil ol' me. No, I'd need to work hard to get my rewards.


because guess what? business doesn't have to BE bUSY! discover my CUSHY secrets.

Hey Coach!
It's time to step out of your comfort zone and into your cushy one.

something needed to change. so I SLOWED DOWN TO SPEED UP. I GOT SUPER INTENTIONAL.

But then I realised something. I was on a hamster wheel trying to keep up and failing. I was exhausted.

Got crystal clear on my strengthiest strengths, who I want to serve and HOW.

Kicked feast or famine revenue to the curb and welcomed consistent recurring revenue in.

Said BUHbye to preparing my next live launch (while still recovering from the last one).

Once I took the leap things got easier. And the results? Well they were nothing short of magical. i finally:

I was determined to succeed so I jumped off that rollercoaster.

See the thing is, to a certain extent, hustling was paying off.
However, when I hit my first £10k month, I wondered where the fanfare was. Why didn't it suddenly feel easier?
Then I hit my first £25k month, and if anything, I felt even more anxiety.

Finally, the penny dropped. 

No matter how many new offers, funnels or launches I did, my business was never going to feel good until I'd found a way to do it sustainably, spaciously - without compromising my ability to scale.

But I knew I needed to drop the hustle for business to feel successful 

Sounds scary right? It was.

Polly x

I know you've heard all the silver bullet promises and experienced underwhelming support. Around here, we do things differently.

We give you the simple,
repeatable, and customisable methods to create a cushy
stream of dream clients, monthly recurring income, and
so much time back it feels weird.

If you're hungry for sustainable results, I serve them smokin' hot. 

So here's your invitation to stop dreaming and start doing.

And you guessed it. Now my mission is to help business owners just like you.

My favourites

The cushy freedom my business gives me!

most grateful for

Cuddles with Monty the cat

daily ritual

Anything pink in a bougie glass with bubbles

drink of choice

Manifest, Roxie Nafousi 

go-to book

Love is Blind and Mad Men 

netflix binge

"A wise girl knows her limits. A smart girl knows that she has none." -Marilyn Monroe

fave quote

My favourites

Straight from my scrapbook

Easy! Monty, the cat. He loves story time and chasing sunbeams.

my Best pal

Mike (aka my husband to be!). He's my biggest champion in biz and life

my greatest love

Visiting the Palace Pier with my brothers (and the youngest was terrified of the ghost train - oops!)

childhood memory

Playing 'business' in the back garden, off to peddle my wares to the bees. Biz is in the blood!

where it all began

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Polly really challenges your thinking which helps you and her get the best out of you. I feel way more connected to my business than ever before.

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I've been inundated with applicants. I think people would be crazy not to consider evergreen. This process is magic!

Debbie Edwards

I had my first £19k month and saw for the first time ever that this could be so much easier if I just let it.

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Welcome friend! I'm your cushy biz bestie. Pull up a seat and stay for awhile.

Polly x