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Learn the simple + scalable evergreen system that adds space to your calendar + spice to your bank account.

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You’ve already mastered your craft, now it’s time to leverage it. In a world of bro marketing, girl bossing, and manifesting quantum leaps out your vagina, I’m here to help you achieve grounded growth with some no-BS strategic shifts to your business model. No 5am wake ups or ice baths necessary. 

Cushy isn’t about flaunting flashy lifestyles on the gram. It’s about being able to live your real life with your tongue in your cheek and cash in your bank.

ceo, EVERGREEN SCALING STRATEGIST and part-time diva helping other leading LIGHTS grow and scale their businesses.

I'm Polly! Welcome to my cushy corner of the internet

Meet the original trouble maker.

This 12-month mastermind will show you how to scale your industry-leading empire in a deliciously + dangerously simple way.


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This 6-month mastermind gives you the simple, repeatable, and customisable methods to create a cushy stream of dream clients.


This self-study course will show you the A-Z of how to ideate, validate, market, and deliver an I MUST have this evergreen group program


Here's 3 smokin' hot ways to sustainable, scalable results

Debbie Edwards

I had my first £19k month and saw for the first time ever that this could be so much easier if I just let it.

Harriet Starling

I've been inundated with applicants. I think people would be crazy not to consider evergreen. This process is magic!

Aggie McCabe

My signature programme has generated over £50k since it launched. Polly's down to earth, practical no BS approach makes her truly stand out.

Cleo Matlou

Polly really challenges your thinking which helps you and her get the best out of you. I feel way more connected to my business than ever before.

The Podcast

Radical self love as the fuel for high performance with Debbie Edwards

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What's keeping your business growth "stuck" with Sara Dalrymple

The Make More Money Podcast

grab a BOUGIE BEVVIE and join me and my biz besties as we dive into what it really takes to make it in business. new episodes weekly

Top rated podcast

Marketing myths: What you need to know in 2024 to reach your audience

How to effectively use Instagram to beat the algorithm and market your business

5 ways to grow your business this year without having to spend loads of cash

The Blog

You bring the audacity, I'll give you the simple, repeatable, and customisable methods to create a cushy stream of dream clients, monthly recurring income, and so much time back, it feels weird. For those who want to leverage their strengthiest strengths and play their way to creating + marketing an industry leading group program without relying on live launching.

join POLLY and 10 inspiring women over 6 months to BUILD A Simple + scalable evergreen ecosystem that adds space to
your calendar and spice to your bank account

Amplify your awesome with Elevate with Evergreen

Create yourself a business where live launching is optional. Success tastes sweeter when you've got time and energy to enjoy it. Learn the sexy simple way to scale your business.


Want to be the refreshing antidote to a sea of shallow promises? Learn how to craft a better-than-the-rest group program.


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Welcome friend! I'm your cushy biz bestie. Pull up a seat and stay for awhile.

Polly x

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