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Today, we tackle the topic of generating leverageable income over the summer. I’ll bust the myth of ‘passive revenue’ and share why I prefer to focus on leverageable income instead. We’ll discuss the common pitfalls of choosing the wrong revenue streams and how to smartly transition from one-to-one client work to more scalable options like […]

 How to Earn Passive Revenue this Summer


Today, we’re diving into the power of podcasts with a special guest, Natalie Koussa, a seasoned podcast tour strategist. Natalie has revolutionised the way coaches and entrepreneurs use podcasts to amplify their message and build their brands. Whether you’re contemplating starting your own podcast or guesting on others, this episode will unveil essential strategies to […]

The Ultimate Activity for Cushy Lead Gen with Natalie Koussa


Today, I’m sharing a controversial growth hack that isn’t flashy or about quick financial leaps. Instead, I dive into the sustainable ways to grow your business. Despite the high-energy claims of turning quick profits in the online business world, I’ve discovered that understanding and replicating the source of your revenue—while maintaining personal health and energy—is […]

My Controversial Growth Strategy


In today’s episode, we dive into why learning more isn’t always the answer.  After four years as a personal brand and mentor, I’m sharing three key insights that have shaped my journey and success in the digital marketing space.  Discover how focusing on the essentials, avoiding the trap of mentor-hopping, and recognising that imperfection does […]

Why Learning More Isn’t the Answer


This week, I tackle the often overlooked issue of creating content for peers rather than your ideal clients. This is a common trap that many online entrepreneurs fall into, particularly visible in industries like birth coaching and copy writing. I’ll discuss why it’s crucial to focus on what your potential clients need to hear rather […]

Stop creating content for your peers


Join me this week as I chat with the fantastic Eva Couto, a brand designer and strategist from Porto, Portugal. With her unique approach to branding, Eva has helped transform the online presence of creative solopreneurs and badass small business owners. We dive into the essential aspects of branding, uncover common misconceptions, and discuss the […]

Why your brand matters – with Eva Couto


Join me in today’s episode as we explore how to maximise your growth and satisfaction in any coaching or group program environment. Whether you’re participating in a mastermind, running one, or engaging with a coach or mentor, understanding both perspectives is crucial. I’ll share insights from three years of running my own mastermind, the importance […]

How to be a good client


Today, I’m diving deep into a common pitfall for seasoned business owners; over-complicating sales funnels.  I’m exploring why more isn’t always better when it comes to creating passive revenue streams and scaling your business.  Whether you’re well into your entrepreneurial journey or just starting out, this episode will bring you invaluable insights on streamlining your […]

More funnels, more problems


In today’s episode, we’re diving into why your online messaging might not be converting. We’ll explore common pitfalls that many online business owners face and how to overcome them. I’ll share insights from my experience helping hundreds of clients, offering you practical tips to enhance your messaging across platforms from social media to email marketing. […]

Why Your Messaging Isn’t Converting


In today’s episode we’ll be taking a deep dive into the world of self-publishing and traditional book routes with guest expert Erin Chamberlain. With nearly two decades in the publishing industry, Erin brings a wealth of knowledge and insider tips on how to turn your book idea into a reality. We’ll explore everything you need […]

Is Now The Right Time to Write A Book with Erin Chamberlain


You’ve already mastered your craft, now it’s time to leverage it. In a world of bro marketing, girl bossing, and manifesting quantum leaps out your vagina, I’m here to help you achieve grounded growth with some no-BS strategic shifts to your business model. No 5am wake ups or ice baths necessary. 

Cushy isn’t about flaunting flashy lifestyles on the gram. It’s about being able to live your real life with your tongue in your cheek and cash in your bank.

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