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In today’s episode we’ll be taking a deep dive into the world of self-publishing and traditional book routes with guest expert Erin Chamberlain. With nearly two decades in the publishing industry, Erin brings a wealth of knowledge and insider tips on how to turn your book idea into a reality. We’ll explore everything you need […]

Is Now The Right Time to Write A Book with Erin Chamberlain


In today’s episode, I’ll be stepping away from business advice to share something deeply personal: my journey to getting married for the second time. This episode isn’t about marketing or business growth. Instead, it’s about the human experience behind the entrepreneur. From being a single mom and overcoming life’s hurdles to finding love unexpectedly, I […]

On Getting Married a Second Time


In today’s episode, we’re diving into the crucial world of cash flow. Ever felt like managing your business finances was a roller coaster of stress? You’re not alone. Today, we’re breaking down the highs and lows of financial management, from the fears of falling into debt to the pressure of paying the team, and the […]

How to Create Consistent Cash Flow for Your Online Business


Today’s episode peels back the curtain on a pivotal moment in one of my launches. While the launch was overall successful, I made one small tweak that altered its course significantly. I’m here to share that not all experiments lead to success, but every “failure” is a treasure trove of insights. Join me as I […]

What Went Wrong With My Launch?


In today’s episode, we’re tackling the “sticky middle” phase many of us face after hitting the six-figure mark. It’s that point where you’ve achieved a significant milestone but find yourself wondering, “What now?” I’ll talk about the challenges and uncertainties that come with maintaining and scaling your business beyond six figures. We’ll discuss the importance […]

What Next After Six Figures?


I see you eager beaver 🦫 Learning all the Facebook ads skills. Setting up your pixel. Sorting out your targeting. Pressing publish on your ads. And… Err, why are my ads running slow? Here’s something you may not know It’s not necessarily you. You can have *all* the right knowledge – and Meta can just […]

Is my ad account broken?


How do you hire an Facebooks Ads Manager or Ads Agency who can bring you those awesome results you hear others raving about? 💰💰💰 Because it’s intimidating hiring someone in an area you know little about. I get those same jitters anytime I stand in front of a mechanic. On the surface I’m doing lots […]

How to hire a Facebook Ads Manager


I have three obsessions in life: 🥔 Potatoes💪 Pedro Pascal😵‍💫 “Brain vacation” reality TV – with Love is Blind ranking top For the uninitiated, Love is Blind is a reality TV show where people date for two weeks behind walls and then choose to marry sight unseen. They then have a few weeks back in the real world to decide […]

What Love Is Blind teaches you about success in business


“Your ad account has been shut down” It’s the last thing any Ad Manager or Business owner wants to hear. Unfortunately – with Meta Ads – it happens all too often – due to the fact that it’s bots that make most of the decisions.  However, there are things you can do to significantly alleviate […]

What to do when your Facebook Ad Account gets shut down


Have you ever felt outpaced by the ever-changing social media landscape? Well, you’re not alone. Today, we dive into how to measure real success on social media, beyond just chasing trends. We’ll break down three crucial strategies to not just navigate but thrive on social media: Whether Instagram is your playground or your battleground, this […]

How to Measure Your Success with Instagram


You’ve already mastered your craft, now it’s time to leverage it. In a world of bro marketing, girl bossing, and manifesting quantum leaps out your vagina, I’m here to help you achieve grounded growth with some no-BS strategic shifts to your business model. No 5am wake ups or ice baths necessary. 

Cushy isn’t about flaunting flashy lifestyles on the gram. It’s about being able to live your real life with your tongue in your cheek and cash in your bank.

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